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My psychiatrist is retiring!



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Mar 4, 2021
Massachusetts, USA
I knew my psychiatrist would be retiring eventually, but now it’s happening. I really like my dr, I’v been seeing him for over 10 years. I like him way more than my therapist. He is a very calm kind man. Now I have to go to someone new. My dr is in a group, so they will help me find someone else.


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Feb 7, 2021
I only had my MH worker a matter of months when she retired, unexpectedly to me. It sounds stupid, but I still really miss her! She always had time for me, would call me for an hour a week as standard and send me a copy of her notes from the meeting. She was so kind, but quietly efficient too. She knew she had limited time to get me back on my feet again, but she, we, did it!

That’s a long time to know your Psychiatrist to have to then say Goodbye. I am sure they will ensure you are in good hands!
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