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My positive progress with my anxiety!! :) but have some questions!



Nov 12, 2014
Ok so I recently dropped out off school because it was my first time ever with anxiety and i was afraid I might end up losing it at school. Im 20 now, first time ever in my life for the past few months experiencing this. Have seen my GC twice and he seems okay. Anyways I suffered anxiety moderately at the start of college but then from a panic attack pretty i got after doing cocaine made it worse. Anyways for a good while now i've suffered from panic attacks but they have stopped I no longer sit in my room crying. More importantly my insomnia is starting to go away, I still wake up early but I can actually fall asleep which I bet is helping. However, I am still wondering when these thoughts will stop and if anyones ever expeirenced anything like it. Granted i sit at home a lot and don't distract myself too much, I noticed all day long I have these intrusive and repitive thoughts about my anxiety, im basically stuck in my head. Like literally all day i think about myself and anxiety, sometimes I analyze but im working on accepting that its just anxiety. I also am getting much better at not listening to my thoughts such as intrusive suicidal or weird thoughts that used to bother me. has anyone experienced this kind of obsessive phase?


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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I'm pleased to hear that things are getting a bit better for you.
I can recall seeing some of your posts in the past and know you've not been in a good place with your anxiety.
Have you read up on "Though Distortions" at all? It's by no means a cure, by i've always found it helpful to identify how my thinking is wrong/distorted which in turn helps me come up with a more balanced thought.