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My personal experiances on hearing vioces



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Mar 13, 2015
With my knowlegde of fysics I conclude that voces can not be heard without the function of the eardrums. This means that all voices are real and comes from outside yourself.. Bear with me...

My own expeariance of this phenomena lead me back to periods of my life where I have had sleeping problems. The brain in that situations are using more of the right side brain witch means your fantacy is stronger.

In sutch a condition I have been a little paranoid and my awareness of my surrounding was higher. My own beleif was that I , listening intensly to gain control, slowly was becoming paranoid psychotic - witch is my ground diagnosis.

Can hearing voices originate in a lack of sleep? No doubdt if you ask me.
The way the brain works the contact with the dreamlike right side of the brain - makes
it pretty obvious that real voices comming from your surroundings can in a lack of sleep trigger the fantasy in a manner where you believe you hear speciffic messages.
Or like my doctor said: you hear "what you want to hear".

Sleep-good food- and socialising despite any angxiety are basics for anyone affected by mental illness - getting this right I belive is sufficient to avoid a mental breakdown.

Yours sincearly Kenneth, Norway


I believe sleep can help me, but I often hear voices after waking up, today they have been very vicious and accusatory that is very alarming.