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My Pathetic Life



New member
Dec 16, 2009
New York
I'm suffering from depression because of my life experience that was so pathetic.. I've been through so many crises with my family, the people outside. I was always picked on at school. I got hit by my parents a lot even as an adult.. I've been back stabbed by people who I thought where my friends.. I never experience a sexual relationship because I always get rejected ever since High School.. Recently I was going out with a guy that I work with for a while thinking I was finally going to have a sexual relationship until I found out he was GAY! I was so devastated that I felt like walking into to a train station to jump off of the platform and get runned over by a subway. :( I'm 42 & I'm still living with my mother & sister, I'm a very lonely person, I have no friends, no social life... I've been through therapists but none of them helped me.. I've become bitter, I ignore or curse people out whenever they get on my nerves, I developed a bitter attitude, I've become very unfriendly because of this BS I've been through in my life.:mad: I wake up every morning asking myself if I deserve to be alive. My life is filled with nothing but disappointment and misfortune. I don't know how much more of this I can take.. I'd be really happy if I get caught in a fatal accident, I'll be free of my misery and pain.. :cry:


Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
:welcome:to the forum LonelyL, are you taking anything at the mo for your depression? I hope that you find this a good place to be.



Well-known member
May 12, 2009
LonelyL ... don't know what to say... just welcome to this forum :hug:

Grace x
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