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My Panic and Anxiety History?



New member
Mar 11, 2019
Since my early 20's panic disorders and Social Anxiety have pretty much taken over everything.
My first major panic attack happened when I was up late at age 22. I had ran out of meds and had no quick fix for the attack. I told my dad I couldn't breathe and kept asking him if If I was dying. He Said "No you are not dying go back to Bed I'm trying to sleep" I paced the house trying to get deep breaths but I couldn't. It was like a forgot how to breath. All of the hyperventelating caused my body to tingle. I felt my body was shutting down. I continued to pace and do odd things like talking to myself. Nothing was working. I finally got the idea of pouring cold water over my body to direct my mind toward the feeling. Each time the cold water hit my skin I was able to get a breathe, however, the floor was soaked with water so I had to think of something else.

Unfortunately, this episode would be just the beginning of a long and hard battle with physically harmless but extremely scary problem that I would endure for years.
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Well-known member
Feb 8, 2019
California, USA
I’m sorry to hear this. Is your panic and anxiety currently being treated?