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My opinion on the cause of hearing voices



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Jan 24, 2018
never never land
To each their own. Right now my brain is telling me to shut the F up, and I just spent last night explaining once again to my brain how it is just neurons in my head firing malfunctioning action potentials.

When I use science and logic on it I am able to control it.

Not to mention I catch my brain doing it. I literally have caught my brain with my brain making this crap up.

Like literally it turns a barking dog, or an airplane, I live by a major airport, into audible hallucinations. When I catch my brain doing it through mindfulness I am able to turn it off, or queit it down, or force it to say what I want. It makes perfect sense if its a malfunctioning brain none if it is some form of telepathy.

It also goes hand and hand with my emotional state, fear and paranoia exacerbate the symptoms so I work on eroding those symptoms as well, and the voices in my head either quiet down and become more infrequent or disappear entirely for stretches of time.

I felt and observed the thoughts that trigger it.

In my opinion this is a type of cognitive sensory error where your brain is misinterpreting normal sensory stimuli, and turning into a false agent. The brain is notorious for doing this, and unlike telepathy this is well documented in science. Even normal people do this. When your senses fail to pick up an event you don't wholly pick up your brain fills in the gaps with previous knowledge. For normal people they don't experience voices from thin air, but for us our brain is filling in those gaps in the senses with a fake agent which is why we perceive it as real.

Our brains are hardwired to perceive agency. Its a defense against predators, but it does result in many false conclusions. Such as attributing lightning to a deity for example. Our brains are far from perfect. This to is well documented in science. Its called HAD or high agency detector, and we atribute all sorts of things to intelligent beings that are actually not intelligent.

In my opinion psychosis is nothing more than a malfunctiong part of your brain filling in the gaps of sensory data with an over active high agency detector. Resulting in the illusion of a foriegn intelligence.

Further I know for a fact I finish the voices sentences for them when the "transmission" is garbled or inchoherent. I catch my brain doing this. Interpreting a "weak" thought that I don't fully perceive in language. Often my brain will then restructure the garbled thought into words after the fact. Makes sense if its my brain doing this.

Noticing my brain doing this I have been able to a large extent control them. I can force them to repeat what I want, silence them entirely, or just completely get them off my mind by focusing on something else.

Another coincidence that implies it is just my brain is that they only ever appear these thoughts when I start to think about them. Given how controlling they are how come they only pop into my head when I am already thinking about them, but disappear when I am otherwise preoccupied. Makes sense if its my brain not if its telepathy.

So anyways just thought I would share my perspective. I know many of you are into alternate beliefs, but in my experience I have perceived my brain creating this.


Jan 14, 2020
Hi I think I needed to read your post tonight as I feel bloody tied this v2k 24/7 done my nut in any way thank you for your post, I actually need to read this right now, so thank you

Speak soon.