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My OCD about moving things around and other thingd



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Jul 24, 2020
Its hard to explain my OCD using text, a video would be much better to explain it.

I have lost lot of my OCD treats, but this still remains:
when Im using a computer, I move the cursor (thr arrow) and dont want touchs the icons, if I move it down I feel an odd sensation but I dont feel goos if I move it up again, so I move the arrow to the bottom dowm (the arrow touching the down border), then I move it to the right corner (if I move it to the left Ill fell odd), then following the the right bottom I move it up, then down again until touchs the right-down corner again. Then I play a bit up, down, until I shake off the odd feeling.

Of course this just takes seconds. Its not a problem for me, just and odd feeling, but most people (99%) wouldnt do this, and they think this is odd.

I have other things like this with the cursos but its too complicated to explain.

Then, for example, the TV control is on the table, if I want to move it to the right I dont do the movement randomly, I took it with my hand and "follow an imaginary line", If the control. I could feel I need to move the control first "outside the borders of the table" then back the control on the limits of the table.
Or if I move it to the right I could feel I moved it too much to the right, so I move it to the left a little bit to compensate, but then a little bit to the right to compensate again, until I find the "right spot".

First time I write about this, always wanted to do it, but is so hard to explain.

Again, all this just take seconds, and from the outside maybe someone could notice it, but its not common people notice it.

I always remember a show on, I think, Discovery Chanel talked about OCD and I felt so related, I was very young, 16 maybe, or even younger.


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Jul 7, 2020
My mother had OCD, she kept moving houses and changed bedrooms with my brothers and sisters, we moved to 6 different places in 12 years. OCD can be a good thing but it depends how bad it is. It also depends what it is. For example, OCD is cleaning is good, so is OCD in studying. If a person can find some balance and control with OCD they have then that will be fantastic.