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My mum doesn't understand my severe fear... Help?



New member
Oct 5, 2018
So, long story short, I live with my mum and i suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and a little ocd (my brother and sister are staying at our dads atm). Quite often we get sp***rs in the house as we leave the back door open for our dog. Sorry i can't even type the word as it makes me panicky... The fear is basically anything with multiple legs (sp***rs, crabs, cran*flys etc...) which is weird, i know, but i get really bad panic attacks from this and sometimes cant even go into the room where it was for a day or so after.

When my mum is really tired (I don't blame her and its not her fault she does this shes just very stressed) she ignores that fact that i screamed and am hyperventilating and feel like i cant breathe and feeling faint and just dismisses the problem by saying that she has gotten rid of it when she hasn't, but i still see it which inevitably makes my pa worse. She mostly gets frustrated and goes to bed and i run into my room and get her to get rid of it in the morning by which point she normally cant find it thus freaking me out even more.

I know shes just tired and annoyed as this happens almost everyday (not the only thing i have pa's about either) but even when shes not she just laughs it off and doesn't understand why it takes me at least a half hour to recover from it. This hasn't really gone anywhere and is super long but any advice on this situation would be awesome, thanks.


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2013
Hi Sweetheart,
I'm scared of them too, it's quite a common phobia.
Some people find cognitive behavioural therapy ( CBT) useful.
Others don't understand.
Here to listen.
Best to get someone to get rid as soon as one is spotted.
Take care