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My mother



Feb 27, 2009
My mother is in her 60 years old and i am in my 30s. she was married and divorce twice i am the youngest among her three kids. growing up there was memories of her using violence to the extreme to teach us kids a lesson, like canning us with her ruler ( for sewing type) till it breaks. tore of my school uniform to humiliate me outside the house then continue to lift up my leg trying to throw me down the 10 floor apartment while i cling on the wall for my dear life just because i fail my math test when i wa 12. earlier that day my teacher called her up to complain that i forgot my homework again and she came into my classroom, stood at the door and humiliate me in front of a room full of 20 over kids. she said " you want me to go back to kill your pet dog, i can do that if you don't buck up in school." everyone was shocked.

In my teens, she watch my step bro (from her first marriage) abuse me and didn't help me. even when he sexually molested me when i was five she didn't believe it. that was always a lot of fighting between them when i later found out my step brother had depression but my mum said it was demonic possession. later he move out out and lost contact. she would freak out over the smallest thing, breaking thing, over turning tables and grab anything she could lay her hands on just to vent on me and my other brother (not step bro).even thought we are not the reason behind her anger.

when i was crying over a break up, she told me i don't need a man then pass me a vibrator at 17yrs old. she tried to strangle my dad while he slept because she suspect he was having an affair. he survive and both file for divorce. she later had a boyfriend who takes her shit every now and then.i move out because i can no longer tolerate her verbal abuse and her ridiculous belief but still talks on the phone or listen to her talking. she been telling me how she believe my brother poison our drinking water or my dad put black magic on her.the scariest part was when one of her dog died in childbirth and it's soul came back and possess her other dog. she was breeding her dog inhumanly i couldn't take it as i as a dog lover. when i told her to stop she said I'm just jealous coz she making more money than me. she always misinterprete what others are saying and think people are against her. in return the words she use is hurtful and i always thought how could a human have such a bad mouth.she stay at home all day with 10 dogs and other newborns pup. she refuse visitors and tell a lots of lies. when she talks she can't stop and the topics can shift multiples and when she done she laugh to herself and hung up. her behaviour is taking a toll on me and i want to help her but she got angry that i think she needs help. i think she might have schizophrenic or bipolar. no matter how bad she is to me she is still my mum


Well-known member
Mar 7, 2009
Sympathys from me

Hi there sounds like youve had a tough time of it.I know all very well of paranoid schizophrenia my mother has it as well.My advice is to try and get as much help as possible.I know its hard and you probaly love her as she is your mother but the situation sounds critical and you need some help.I can totally relate to some of the things youve gone through and what your mother is experiancing.......

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