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My life has proven yesterday to be a dead end and things will never get better, I can’t stand it.



Jan 21, 2019
San Juan Capistrano
I was planning on making an onlyfans with this other woman. Thing is my loser bitch ass is on SSI cause I’m inferior to other people. My father is my rep payee so he’d find out if I do report it to SSI. He’d rather have me go missing and try heroin than be financially successful on webcamming sites and love myself. In order to get off SSI to make a smooth transition to independence from them and my parents I need a full time job. I don’t have a job right now and I don’t see how I will get one with everyone caring more about some silly virus and it’s quarantine rather than giving ANY thought about my wellbeing and mental health.
So I let that girls down today . I cannot hide my income from SSI cause that’s illegal and would be SSI fraud and then IRS would be all over me too! Man, my parents, SSI, IRS DO NOT care about my well being! Society cares about the virus but not my well being! I see that there is no way to to hide this from my parents who are so cruel to the point of sociopathy. Having my clothes on is more important than me not dying in a tent? How absurd! Morals my ass!

I want to try heroin NOW because my friend who went to rehab said that “when you’re high on it you are free from all suffering and your problems don’t exist anymore.” I don’t have access to it but any fool knows that it won’t take long to find it in a hood area.

I know everyone hates me and wants me to live my life as a severely depressed failure SITUATIONALLY depressed because other people fucked me over!!!
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