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My intrusive thoughts are getting really bad again



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Oct 19, 2020
United Kingdom
I’m absolutely petrified that my best friend is seeing my ex behind my back. Now there’s no evidence of this whatsoever and no real reason as to why I would think that, but the thought has been playing on my mind over and over recently and it’s doing my absolute head in. The only reason why this thought even came to me is because I know she’s been somewhat friendly with him (as I’ve tried to be myself) and she told me that I need to be careful around him and that he apparently wants to be friends. Now logically speaking, this most likely is just her looking out for me as she doesn’t want me to get hurt again, but for some reason I have this absolute fear of them being together behind my back despite there being no evidence.

I find myself obsessively checking when the two of them were last active on social media. Neither of them were really active tonight until around half 11 which struck me as even more weird because I’m associating them being active at the same time with them having some kind of secret relationship. I’m trying so hard to rationalise it all in my head because I know these thoughts aren’t helpful and they’re essentially based on nothing, but I’ve been betrayed in the past by the people who were supposed to love me and I’m terrified that history will repeat itself. I actually feel so sick with worry and I just need the thoughts to stop.


Apr 5, 2021
Why dont u just ask? To me there is an unwritten code but really she's ur best friend surely u want her to be happy he's ur ex for a reason. Don't worry find someone and be happy as long as she is happy to it shouldn't be an issue