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My Hyper-Happy Place



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Aug 30, 2008
I just turned 40 and have decided to finally try to understand a particular aspect of my behaviour that I have always pretended was normal, which it is not, and which I have tried to hide from others. I have no idea if this is a condition with a label but let me try to describe it and see if anyone out there recognizes this as a particular condition or behaviour with a name.

The best way to describe the main behaviour is hyperactive daydreaming. I very often during a day will start daydreaming. These daydreams are usually just of me participating in some life activity. It may be real such as a situation in which I was recently involved or that is coming up in the near future, it may be more ficticious but still related to something in my life, or it may be completely ficticious such as me being a professional athlete or a superstar.

It is not the daydreams themselves that are the issue but the physical actions that accompany these moments. I get into a physically hyperactive state where my hands are twitching and waving in the air, my head is bobbing around, my tongue starts going in and out, if I am sitting my legs will kick around, my heart rate will increase and I become somewhat oblivious to what is going on around me. I can and do do this at will probably at least 10 times a day or more, usually in situations of privacy where I will not be caught. Although I do sometimes find myself doing it when I am sitting at my desk on conference calls and worry that I am going to get caught doing it but it just kind of happens. I think it is triggered by both boredom and anxiety when I get into situations where I am nervous or unsure of myself.

I have done this behaviour as long as I can possibly remember and I don't think that it has really changed in any way since I was little. I know that my parents used to catch me doing this when I was little and they referred to it as flapping my wings. I also remember getting caught by my classmates doing this in class back in Grade 4. One of the other kids could immitate my really well sitting at my desk with my arms hanging at my side twitching away, head shaking, tongue going in and out, feet kicking. Pretty funny if it was not so embarassing.

My wife has also observed that I will bob my head up and down when I sit and get absorbed into a television show. If I play video games and get intensely involved, she says my tongue goes in and out like crazy. I have no idea that I am doing this and get very embarassed when it is pointed out.

Has anyone out there come across someone or something like this before?

Thanks !!!


I instantly thought "psychomotor agitation" - a more unusual form but still would fall under the description. This is only my opinion of course, but perhaps if you do a search you may find something? And welcome!

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