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my husband - love him soooooo much



New member
Dec 20, 2009
Well, its heart puring out time in the name of advice!!!!, wondering if anyone lses experiences can help in me supporting him.....

1. My Husband has a history of mental illness and was self harming 10 + years ago with 1 failed suicide attempt (he took himself to the hospital).

2. We are trying for a baby

3. tonight after a 5 year relationship with no major issues apart from the odd "dark" moment he has what I can only assume was a psychotic episode.

4. he did not hurt me at all, though he threatened to "cut my throat with a bottle and then kill himself" - sounds dramatic but he honestly never laid a hand on me.

In some ways I wish he had, then I would have an excuse to leave him, but I cant I love hm to death and only want to make sure he is better & healthy. vut its so hard when tonight I am sat up with not an ounce of sleep and wondering what he will be like in the morning.

I admit he has been drinking tonight (thought I have seen him worse!!) and that if he was sober this wouldnt have happened, it is definately worse because of the beer but i am honestly not sure how much more verbal abuse I can take!!!

just open to thoughts ...........


Well-known member
Nov 5, 2009
Hello jkbmah, I have a similar condition to BPD called Schizoaffective disorder. I experience major Depression, Mania, Schizophrenia-like Psychosis and more. However it is under control.

When I'm in a Manic or Psychotic or Manic and Psychotic my personality changes thus does my behaviour. So you need to understand due to the abnormal chemical reactions in his brain he will act of character, so you could say he doesn't actually mean what he says when he is in such a state. Also I'd advise you to get a mental health team involved, get him to stop drinking (as it in intereferes with the medication) and talk to him about what he says to you.

I hope I have been of any help. :)


Well-known member
Jun 26, 2009
So sorry to hear about your trouble,

Is he taking his medication, have you informed the mental health team? I hope they can help him

Did this event come out of the blue or has his behaviour been leading up to this?

I think it would have happened regardless of drink, if it was a psychotic episode, I don't know what anyone else thinks of this

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