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My husband has cd



hi everyone,
my husband has conversion disorder since june 06(origin military deployments?). i'm frustrated and at the beginning of the end of my rope. frustrated with the apathy and disconnection. we have 2 kids under 9 years old, and worried what harm this will cause them? i have been standing by him but it is getting harder all the time. i find myself looking for my smile. i find refuge in riding horses. i just don't know what to do anymore and was wondering if anyone had any experiance in this setting. most posts appear to be single folks. just wondering if i'm doing more damage then good.:(:(


There is a section for Conversion Disorder but it's not used very often. I think that while all illnesses have differences the impact that they have on families can be very similar. Is there a families group that you could join to help you through this?

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