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My husband has bipolar need advice



New member
May 22, 2019
West Midlands
Hi im new to all this so please bare with me!

2 years ago my husband age 42 was diagnosed with bipolar he’s has and is still struggling to come to team with it! He’s knew most of his adults life he had bad days with mood swings ect since the age of 24/25

But I kind of made him sort him self out after we had our daughter try and make his way of life better!
Without felling the way he does!

But this it where we are today he has started to self harm he’s never done anything like this in his life until last yr! When he has he low/bad days he said he can’t carry on he’s had enough And these thoughts getting more frequent so he self arms to stop him from thinking these thoughts!!! Iv asked him out right has he ever thought about ending it before and he said no in all the yrs he’s has bad episodes he tuck himself off to bed for 2/3 days then on the 4 day he would be getting back to his normal self, but now it’s takes him a good week or so! To start feel ok! Iv spoke to hes nurses and asked if we can come and sort this once and for all, he’s on medication of 500mg Depakote morning and 1000mg Depakote evening been on this for a good 12 months ...plus 20mg of mirtazapine around 3 months because he doesn’t sleep to good he was on quetiapine before that’s he was only on that a few months and that’s when he self armed for the first time so I called his nurse and he was taken off them right away it was a horrible time for him and me! But we got though it, until now and it’s kind of stared again without warming it’s just out the blue I can normally tell when one is coming on but this time I had no idea, we sat down and asked what brought it on and he couldn’t tell me because he didn’t know all he said was I think people are talking about me! I’m need some advice on what is next where do I go from here? I’m not prepared to lose him or give up on him if he can’t fight this I will do it for him! I’m so scared my daughter is going to end up with no daddy if I can’t sort it! And he has so much to live for ... so if there is anybody who can advise me what I can do or say at our appointments please feel free to answer me.
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