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My Huntington's Disease Story


Heather Dugdale

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Apr 17, 2008
I am 25, am experiencing Huntington’s disease symptoms. We have severe mental symtoms that drive us crazy. I am in home care. My family is one of the few in the world who have early onset. I was a Nurse Assistant before I got sick. I made a positive, comprehensive website. It has a blog, Articles, videos, care giving tips, research, ways to fight brain fog, myths, my story, my families’ story, history, ways to have a positive testing experience, and ways to cope. I also put on there the poems I got published in the horizon. I now have my personal support group. I have won more awards in a short period time than any other site, 69. 26 are international Awards. I am on the Top Disability/ Disease Blog List. I also have won the Disability Network Award.



An Excellent website Heather

I had Chemotherapy for Bonemarrow leukemia and it has so far given me an extra 11 years of life.

In these 11 years I have developed a healthy Spiritual Belief.

Like yourself, I will never give up Hope..


New member
Sep 13, 2010
i just found this site....
im 28 and have had hd since i was 21, ive got very bad now
i also got shot in the face in 2006

its only gettin worse
my mom died at 40,so i kno u'r pain
if you get this, email me:[email protected]
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