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My health anxiety story has anyone ever had it this bad?? If so please respond



May 2, 2020
South Carolina
Hi ok so it all started when I was 16 I am now 30..
So long story short I have thought I have been dying everyday of my life since 16..There have been times where I have went to the hospital three to four times a day going to different hospitals I would leave one and go to another one I sit in hospital parking lots for hours I wake up thinking I’m dying and it dosent go away.
It ruins my life I don’t enjoy anything about life anymore it’s ruining my family but I can’t help it I’m at fully convinced I’m dying and I have cancer .
So these are all the things I have thought for sure I have and some I still do
Heart attack
Heart disease
Irregular heart beat
Lung cancer
Brain tumor
Colon cancer
Esophagus cancer
Liver disease
Kidney disease
You name it and I’ve thought for sure I have it
But now it’s colon or stomach cancer.
You see I have always always always had bad bad bad everyday acid reflux I’m talking acid reflux so bad water hurts but last year I had a endoscopy and it was normal doctor said I just produce a lot of acid
But now I have a big big change in my bowel habits my poop is really weird now my stomach hurts so bad everyday I have so so so much gas now like every ten mins I’m farting .
I’m either constipated or have diarrhea and when I do poop it’s really weird looking like obviously something is wrong with my stomach and I believe it colon cancer or stomach cancer.
So to back track a little all those other diseases that I thought I have had I had multiple test done and never had any of those things
But I still believe something is wrong with my heart to because I have Palpitations everyday I have crazy crazy chest pains every single day I have trouble breathing all the time for no reason so I still believe I have some kind of heart disease last year I had all kinds of heart test but all was normal but since that was a year ago I am convinced that I have developed the heart disease after those test was done isn’t that possible ??
Anyways back to my current problem the stomach cancer .
There is obviously something wrong with my stomach but I was wondering can having this sever health anxiety cause stomach problem like this?? I’m convinced it’s cancer cuz it’s just crazy what my stomach is doing so I’m pretty sure I’m dying


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2020
Yeah I jump to conclusions about every pain I feel. To me it sounds like maybe IBS? Anxiety and stress can bring it on. It’s nothing serious but it can cause those symptoms you’re describing. Or could just be all the anxiety causing your stomach to be upset and things. It’s not cancer, you’ve been checked out. They would have found it on the tests and would keep you if they were worried. I would of thought maybe they’d do a colonoscopy too. Also you’re still young so it’s rare.

when I’m really stressed out I start to freak our over every little thing. I generally think I’m dying almost everyday just because I’m anemic and it makes me short of breath. It is really just me exaggerating how bad it is though by being anxious about it.


Well-known member
Mar 30, 2020
Forgot to add, when you’re anxious it causes extra acid in your stomach which gets things all upset


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2020
I also get anxious and it makes me feel tired


New member
Aug 21, 2020
I have been having constipation for a few months, probably caused by stress and too little exercise. I also feared that maybe it was a cancer. But you are not bleeding I asume? Anxiety definately makes your stomach feel upset. You either poop a lot, or you can't anymore. Chest pains, also caused by the stress and anxiety. I have been having the same thing for a while now. Also anxiety/panic attacks, are exhausting.
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