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My Grandmother was diagnosed with schizophrenia



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Mar 20, 2021
New Jersey
My grandmother was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago (2016).

They gave her medication and she did improve, but that all changed when she stopped taking her medication and stopped going to the doctor all together. We tell her to take her medication and she says "what medication? I was never diagnosed with anything of the sort." She does not have dementia. She is lying to make us forget, so we leave her alone. The thing is we can't. She got worse over the years. She believes people are trying to kill her now.

She had an anxiety attack last night after talking about this and she blames "the people" for her fainting. I tell her she fainted over anxiety and she gets angry. She truly believes people are trying to kill her. She even believes the lights on the bridge outside her window are specifically lights implanted to watch her. I don't know what to do. I am scared for her. I don't want anything to happen to her. It gets worse every day. She no longer sleeps. She is always anxious thinking about these people trying to kill her. I visited her for her birthday and all she talked about were these "people". There are no people trying to kill her. She is getting worse. What do I do? I tell her to go to the doctor and she gets angry. She tells me to go to the doctor all the time over my OCD, but refuses to talk her own advice.

I just want her to be calm and enjoy life. She deserves to be happy. What do I do? I care very much for her. How do I help? I want to talk to her in a way without offending her, but also making her realize she should see the doctor again.


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Apr 22, 2018
My grandmother have dementia, and I know its different to schizophrenia, but I think both have a similarity. I mean, its hard, but... when a person have that, you cant make things right again, if she cant understands, she is not gonna be able to do it.

Talk with her Dr. Get a specialist.

You not gonna be able to convince her. My grandmother started thinking "a woman gifted a house" and she made me take her out and look for the house around the neighbourhood.

At first and many times I tried to convince her that wasnt posible. She had all of her thoughts straight, the only weird thought was this "house thing".

Finally, all I could do is follow her line, and even if she talks nonesense, she cant understands reality.

Maybe meds help ur grandmother to stay calm

Maybe you can put her meds on her food. Find something she likes to eat and put her meds there.

Does she takes other meds ? Maybe you can say "now this is for your heart". A Dr telling her, dont know if they are able to do thay, but maybe yes.
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