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My Girlfriend is suffering from depression and its affecting our time together. (I think)



New member
Dec 10, 2017
United Kingdom, England, Lancashire
My Girlfriend is suffering from depression and its affecting our time together. (I think)

Hello. before i start i want to apologise for any typos or mistakes in my writing, i am not the smartest and best with my english.

My name is Josh and i'm 18 years old, i have a Girlfriend who is 17 nearly 18 herself and recently i have found out she is suffering from depression.

i should definitely mention this relationship is long distance and i am living in the UK and she is living in Europe (dont want to specify). She goes to college Mon-Fri and she studies really hard and i feel like she gets stressed with that too. We have been together for 2 months i'd say now and we have voice chatted a few times. i really like it and she said she loves it too. we both love each other and she's made it obvious she wants me all to herself. but like i said earlier recently i've found out shes suffering from depression. and my main problem is the last two weeks she doesnt want to talk to me and she doesnt even message me at all, its only when i send her a lot of messages and asking if shes ok she replies with 'no' or 'meh' which is obviously bad. i try to help her and message her but she just ignores my messages which makes me super upset. we havent voice chatted in nearly a month and i love her a lot. i'm really worried shes going to be like this forever :c.

i asked her recently if she loves me? if she wants to be with me? and does she want to live with me in the future? and she replied yes to all of them. but i haven't been able to message her or talk to her properly in a month which is a really long time since we've only been together for 2 months. i want this to change so we can message each other all night and start voice chatting again. i should probably say also that at the start of the relationship we messaged all night and voice chatted a fair few times. but now she doesnt message me at all and she ignores everything i say except 'I love you' and 'hope your ok' and she replies with 'i love you too' and 'meh' and 'no' after that she doesnt talk all day and night.

this is really upsetting me and i want to be able to atleast message her all the time and spend time talking with her. she also told me early in the relationship that she was getting bullied in college, which could also be another thing which affects her as well as depression. but she also says she wants to be alone. i feel so useless and i want her back. but i'm all out of ideas since she just ignores me...

Please if anyone can help me or has any ideas i will be very grateful. again i dont know if this is her depression making her like this or other things. again there might be other stuff affecting her. oh and also before any of you ask (if you do) i have already asked her whats making her unhappy and not wanting to talk to me or spend time with me and she just ignores me. this is really hard for me and to figure her out as she wont talk to me about what her problems are :/.

Extra information:

We're both gamers and we met each other from the Steam Community.

i've said it to her that i want to play games with her before and she said yeah probably. but now since shes like this i assume she doesnt want to since she doesnt even talk to me.

And another thing is she still plays games and stuff at night but on her own.

Thanks for your time
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Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Joshp, Welcome to the Forum. If your on line friend is depressed, she needs space and you need to give her time. I would be careful if I were you, looking at this friendship as a relationship when you haven't even met in person. Long distance relationships do not usually work out.