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my friend



Feb 23, 2010
Eastleigh , Hampshire, UK
i suffer from depression along with other stuff
atm im really struggling
not because of my problems
one of my friends
i met him on another site ive known him for ages its only an online friendship
hes suicidale atm and im so worried he will acturly do it
im so worried
im terrified i will lose him
im trying to help him
but i know if i try too hard it will bring me back down and im scared if i go back down well more than i am now i will end up back in hospital
but then i feel bad im not trying hard enough
i just dont know what to do
i know in the end its his choice
but hes just broken up with his girlfriend who he was madly in love with
im so scared i will lose him


Well-known member
Feb 10, 2010
Bulford England
its tough to deal with other people being down , ive tried to help people many a time. sometimes it gets really close to loosing one of them and it really dosent help our state of mind. Its hard and its stressful..

my ex attempted to commit suicide coz i broke up with him. if it wasnt for the fact he had told someone before hand they wouldnt of found him. so its difficult. just be there for your friend well virtually... make a reason for your friend to live.... =D you hold in there yourself =P

sara xxx

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