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My friend bores me, likes the sound of his own voice



We're in London and arguing, he wants to go for a walk, I want to do something to take my mind off things and trying to say that he waffles on so much about the same things he bores me and we don't have much to talk about so I don't want a walk today but he won't have it. He is quite boring doesn't have many interests. We're both isolated though and don't have family worth spending time with so we don't have other people to hang around with for now.

Would like some ideas for what to do in London just in case I can try to get him to do something interesting? I'm struggling.


Active member
Dec 10, 2011
Is he really a friend? Are you keeping him on just because you're isolated?
If you can't have a conversation or enjoy spending time together, it might be time to cut this 'friendship' off. It's not fair (to either of you) to keep him under the impression he's your friend if that's not the case at all.

As for what to do in London: I'd go to a gallery or museum, so you can talk in short bursts about what you're looking at and change the subject easily. The TATE Modern or V&A usually have something for everyone.

Let us know if you find something better!



He is, if we weren't so isolated he wouldn't bore me so much, neither would it be so boring to talk if we had normal lives, so we have things to talk about. We don't have jobs, don't have family events, don't have other mates, don't have girlfriends, don't have social events to talk about. Our lives are quite empty. He is not a person who has hobbies or really ever has had any.

So if we go for a stroll we don't have anything to talk about but the same things: mental health, what happened in our past and our hopes and fears for the future. I don't like talking about that endlessly but he can talk about the same things over and over and doesn't see why that is boring. He kind of has a goldfish memory, including forgetting how his mood swings all the time and thinks that every time he feels better than average that's it he is recovered.

I'll think about the gallery/museums.

We would be able to meet women but both have been left overweight from psychiatric drugs with about two stone each to lose to look slim again. Casual dating with women would make the time pass a lot easier.... :) but that's been taken from us.


Well-known member
Mar 20, 2012
You say you both have 2 stone to loose, why don't you use this opportunity to join a gym or an exercise class? This could get you new friends, the potential to meet women and it will give you something to focus on and give you back your fitness. This could be a common interest and you could make a game of weight loss or progress in an exercise class e.g. boxing, judo, mma etc. It will also give you a rush of adrenaline and it has been proven exercise helps lift your mood. Hope you found this helpful.

Lupine :flowers: x
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