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My first post



New member
Sep 8, 2015
Hey Everyone

I am brand new to this forum, and who better to talk to about depression then people who actually understand how difficult it can be. I have known I have depression for over 10 years and have been stable on a mix of medications. This past year my doctor convinced me to go off one of my meds and all hell broke loose. I became more depressed then I could have ever imagined. I felt overwhelmed by everything, foggy headed, forgetful, and found little to no happiness in my life. Through all of this I was able to keep it a secret from most of my friends and co workers. That was until I hit rock bottom and had to leave my job. I am a professional singer and was luckily still able to perform, although I worry endlessly about doing it. One year through and I am back on the old medication. Its only been two weeks on but I feel little improvement. I am feeling overwhelmed with my fairly simple life. When I do feel up and energetic (which is rare these days) I do way too much and end up burning out.I am struggliong with my relationship with my boyfriend and friends. I also have twelve plus performances this month which worries me. Will I be okay, Will I be able to get through? Please offer some words of encouragement to a girl who needs some loving words. Thank you so much


Welcome upanddowngirl to the forum.
I have no advice, sorry. I hope you find comfort an help here, people do relate.


Well-known member
Jul 11, 2014
Welcome to the forum.
I'm sorry you're struggling so much. The difficult thing about medication is that when you stop and start again it sometimes doesn't work anymore. But if you were doing well on the medication, why did your doctor want you to quit one of them?
I think it would be good to be honest to your boyfriend. You don't have to do it on your own.
Keep posting, I wish you well... Hugs!


Jun 20, 2015

I wonder if you have tried mindfulness practice to help you through these fifteen performances.Basically it focuses on the breath, when breathing deeply all the anxiety goes away,also focus on being in the moment here and now,not allowing the mind to focus on what went before or what will come in the future.Enjoy the moment and train the mind to put any worries in a box or imagine it as a waterfall falling and floating away into the river or sea.Totally empty your mind of any low thoughts and this will clear your mind, moods and lift your depression.You should also adopt a feeling of having enugh time and plan ahead to get to your gigs etc The more organized you are the slower and more patiently you can get to each gig and focus on performing in the here and now.There are lots of books n mindfulness meditation which you can find to help you,browse any online bookshop.Best of luck to you.Nikitax

PS it can take up to three months to stablize and see improvement after a change in taking medication, your brain needs to settle down and adjust to different doses or certain meds especially if you stopped one and restarted it.Try not to worry,again, good luck!
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Sep 10, 2015
You are a professional singer? I cannot sing. When you sing your voice lights up the dark and makes those who hear it feel happiness.