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My Fathers Mental Health



New member
Mar 10, 2009
I'm not sure if this is the right place but I am trying to gather information/opinions regarding symptoms my father currently displays.


During his mid-40's my father suffered what we believe as a "breakdown" that presented itself as depression, anti-social behavior, anxiety and memory loss but was never treated or diagnosed. Now in his early sixties he has pervasive short-term memory loss, disorientation, anxiety/irritable behavior if his routine is broken or his surrounding are changed. Also, he has been checked for Alzheimers and his brain appears to be normal. His energy level is high, and he is not as withdrawn but requires significant dependence on my mother. He also exhibits inability to perform normal functions like paying bills, grocery shopping etc...My mother and father work together at a resort and he is able to perform his daily tasks without any issue or supervision but cannot cope if required to think outside of his normal routine.

I'm not sure where to start trying to narrow down what the illness could be....any help is appreciated.


Hi and welcome.

I appreciate your concern over your father's well being but the place for diagnosis of any kind has to be a doctors surgery. No one on here is qualified to say what they think it may or may not be. If they were qualified it would be unprofessional for them to say so.

We can offer you support and listen - we can tell you how we cope with our symptoms but it's really important that your father sees a GP but only if he wants to do that.