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My Father is pretty depreesed about his work. How to motivate him?



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Apr 23, 2015
My father is an old-era electronics engineer who has been working in a telecommunication office for about 20 years now. He has been working in a switching division for about 4 or 5 years now. Along with my father, there are 4 other people working on the division..2 of them are engineers just like my father and the other 2 are technicians. The situation have come that one of the engineer is retiring in about 2 weeks. That specific engineer is very good i mean really good at his work. Now my father is suffering from depression and he fears that if the engineer leaves the division then other two(technicians) who tries to skip the work all the time then he would have to do all the work alone only by him. My father is senior than others and his retirement is soon in few years but he fears that he might have to work alone(and he cant do all the work loads by himself). He thinks that he is too old that he cant grasp(concentrate) the new methods and technologies required for the updated work. He worries very much about:
1. He will have to work all the things by himself.. if someone goes somewhere(skippers who don't care their jobs) and he will have to handle the division alone. Daily workload is very high.
2. He can't concentrate(trust me he really can't due to medications) on new things because he is old and it might spoil his reputation because his office might fire him.
3. All other people will leave the division soon(either in few months or weeks) in search for career or internal trainings. So that, it might leave him alone to handle the work load. And that's what he fears most and he is planning to early retire by amicable settlement.
4. And from experience, I have noticed that he is not a home staying person, and he will be depressed that he has no job(if he retires)!
I am tired of suggesting, reminding, advising him that he will not be left alone and the office will manage other employee in such circumstances to bear the burden of work. But he just doesn't listen and the keeps repeating the same thing again and again. He is too depressed!
What to do?.. to make him understand that:
1. He is a senior and he would not have to work hard and others can handle the work(that's how that office works).
2. The office will provide new employees who will work under his supervision(as he is senior).
3. He will not be left alone because every one in office cares and loves him.
4. If he has to bear the reputation theft then He can just quit the job.

I have tried so many advices and he just doesn't understand.
What the hell can i do?
please help!
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Oct 21, 2013
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Hello stormxeron: it seems like you have tried to calm your father in regards to his worries and concerns.
If talking to him hasn't work, then the only other thing that will work is for him to be at work and then have it validated to him that he won't be alone in tackling the work load.

For some people they need out-right evidence before their worries diminish.
In the Clouds

In the Clouds

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Apr 22, 2015
Hello :)
It can be really hard to believe things that you are told. I can imagine it's really draining having to remind him of this but don't give up, it's not that he's not listening, it's that he just can't believe it. That's what I think anyway. :)
At least he's talking with you about it and being open, that's a really good sign. And it's very nice of you to be doing your best to help.
I think he needs to somehow realise this on his own. I hope he can soon. Try and get him to come up with solutions on his own.
I'm sorry, I hope this is of some help! I feel like I've just rambled at you. In the mean time just help him out as much as you can and make home as stress free as possible if you can. Hopefully he'll be able to come home and clear his head and be happier. :hug1: