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My family



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Jun 5, 2010
So my mum has a habit of slagging me off to all and sundry - she did it to a colleague of mine a couple of weeks ago and then again to her crazy sister more recently where she said I was watching television and woe betide anyone who speaks during it. Well that is a figment of her imagination as I never say anything about anyone who talks while I am watching tv but my dad does and she never makes a comment about him and he is really violent.

My aunt and uncle who gave me a tatty second hand book for Christmas they take home probably not less than 60 grand a year and call themselves 'comfortable'. They really have no idea. Mum tried ringing them again today and while mum acknowledged they weren't out they wouldn't answer the phone either. What do they do when their children call them? Also my aunt asked me how my exercise was going and I told her I exercise regularly and asked her how hers was going and she nearly bit my head off and said she didn't have time. Well I work full time and I manage it so the evidence is that she is making excuses.

My dad said today that he had tidied the kitchen and my mum hadn't said thank you so she said we had cooked the dinner and done the shopping and he hadn't said a word of thanks. He said he was too ill. Well if you had seen the size of his dinner it was not the dinner of an ill man and really if he is too ill to say thank you then why does he say other things? My dad never says thanks to my mum when she cooks and cleans for him and he never does the same for her. And as I have said before I am the only person in the house to change the bin and never get thanked for it. They just seem to think it is my job and they wouldn't demean themselves to do it but they would demean me.

Then recently the psychiatrist detaining me wrote to me about my detention and wished me a happy Christmas, so when she rang me yesterday (although I have told the detention centre I do not want them to ring me) I wished her a happy Christmas and if she hadn't have wished me one I probably wouldn't have wished her one, but I did and yet it met a cold unfriendly silence.
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