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My experience with relationships & having schizophrenia & What was ur relationship like while having hallucinations???



Active member
Jul 26, 2019
When I first got diagnosed with schizophrenia, the truth is I denied it.
Have I accepted it now, Yes because I know more about it but I'm not afraid like I used to.

My first proper relationship, I was scared to tell him, but I did.

I was scared, of course, he would leave me, thinking I was mad, ill, not ready for this relationship.

My relationship of 8 months, did end but the great reason was it did not end because of me having schizophrenia.

We had great times, where we went on dates, met his family, you know what couples do.
We had arguments like couples do.

But the main question I asked myself was would anyone love me, knowing I was different, knowing I was a monster. That was the belief I had about myself at the time.

Rarely, the voices interfered with our relationship. I used to hear voices at night, I would wake him up to turn the radio on, in which it made him grumpy due to his lack of sleep.

My advice:
Honest, if u want to date, let them accept u for u are, they should make adjustments for who you are. Ur worth it.

Anyone dated while having schizophrenia? Love to know ur experience xx

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