My Experience, am I really ill?



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Oct 18, 2014
When i'm unwell or am I unwell. Well in an extreme state, sensitive, full of emotion and having my firmly held beliefs I seem to find myself in this reality but also in another reality. The way I see the world completely changes and to be honest I don't know if it's real or not looking back. I understand that yes I was delusional but the way I see the world I believe to be real. I think theres more to this world than meets the eye. You can't quite get a view of the world when your on an antipsychotic or if your not in a state to one of the extremes.

When I'm in one of these states I get in, the world becomes so dangerous and evil. I have strong opinions and emotions. I take the stance that there are two kinds of people in this world and thats the good decent folk then those that are pure evil. They seem so evil to me because of my stong feelings of whats right and wrong. The thing is, is that I'm not actually being completely delusional, I'm seeing what the majority can't, I'm more awake and more aware. The majority of people are naive to what goes on, on this planet, how bad people can really be. Now I ask my self am I wrong the way I feel in one of these states? I once seen a picture of a women who had been put on a spit. I once seen photo's of a crime seen and although the were no bodies or body parts were found, the entire floor of a whole building was covered in blood, not a bit of blood splashed here and there but looked like they had painted the floor with blood purposely. So I ask, what the hell is going on. I think theres alot which happens, well most of what bad happens that you will just never know of. I sometimes wonder is there some sort of secret religion that your average person is just unawear of.

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