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My dreams are full of anxiety.

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Misssunshine76 wasBreathingcorpse76

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Aug 27, 2021
My dreams are so real like about some calls that I don't want to receive but I receive them in dreams.
I'm always running in my dreams always anxious in my dreams. They are all about some horrible mishaps.
I'm anxious in real life but not like in my dreams. In my dreams I'm very anxious.
I wake up with a huge amount of anxiety almost everyday.
I was addicted to masturbation and porn(which I think it was all because of stress) and when I stopped the addiction I start having these dreams.


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Jul 19, 2021
I am sorry you are having bad dreams but try and remember they are only dreams and can not hurt us at all and it is the same for our anxiety too. Maybe have a look on the internet for breathing exercising for anxiety as it can help us to cope with it better.
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