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My dream job

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I'd love to have the money to be airlifted into the middle of the Forest somewhere in Sumatra.

With a stout, secure, building and live video cameras all over the place outside.

I would sit in my building all day on the solar powered internet. The Great Orang Pendek Hunt! Just me, my video's, live YouTube feed with people helping me watch all the cameras whenever they feel like it.

The occasional supply drop...otherwise never going outside. Because frankly I would be scared to encounter one of those short fellows. Maybe, to adjust a camera now and then, if I have to.

And if we found one? Me on a loud speaker, "They found you!!!!! Hide! Wait, take me with you! Better yet! You stay here and I will hide and you try to find me!"


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Nov 10, 2019
Sounds idyllic, as long as there was some connection via internet. Although, i would like people to come to me to stay for a week, every other week. I'd want to show them around and make sure they had a nice time.