My dad is ruining my life



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Nov 19, 2015
Hi. I am a 24 year old female. My story is terribly long and boring but I will try to make it short.
I grew up in a house with a very agressive father and quite a passive mother. My father used to beat me and my brothers whenever we did anything wrong. My mom was and is still a very weak person who was never able to stop him. As we grew up he stopped physical violence but verbal agression runs in his blood apparently. He always says mean things to all of us. He is a very controlling, snobbish, and arrogant character.
My father is the reason for many social anxieties I suffer from today as well as lack of confidence and depression.
Every time I try to think that he is nice, he does something really terrible.
The biggest problem is that I know I hate him. It is a terrible thing to say but unfortunately I have to say that I never loved him.
I don't know what to do. He really ruins my happiness.
Please help.



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Jan 27, 2015
Hi hoping forhope.

:welcome: to the forum.

I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles.
i can understand your hating your father and I'm sorry you have suffered because of how awful he has been to you.
I have close family members who aren't nice and I keep away from them,it's sad but it's how it has to be for me they are just too toxic.

It sounds like you would benefit a lot from some counselling/therapy as it could help you a lot.
You could maybe ask your gp what is available in your area. As different areas offer different help.

I will also attach the link to mind who are good at signposting people to various useful help.

Home | Mind, the mental health charity - help for mental health problems

I really wish you well.
I hope you find the forum helpful, I know I do.
Best wishes
Unique xx
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