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My dad and my sister are backstabbers



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Mar 20, 2020
Okay, so I waited to share this situation because I wanted to see if it would get better, but it didn't. My birthday was two weeks ago and it was honestly a hurtful experience. My dad is an unreliable, arrogant, and jealous person who picks favorites. He also seems to think that I should treat him well even if he treats me unfairly. My sister was also supposed to come over for birthday but then cancelled her visit at the last minute because my niece was acting up. She said she would come over the next day and didn't at the last minute. My sister is closer than my dad than I am and for good reason, they're basically the same person. I have suspicion that they probably talk about me behind my back and that's why she's so estranged from me. She only comes around when she needs a favor and my idiot dad laps it up. Not to mention that she's his first daughter from his previous marriage so he feels the need to compensate for that even if she's well into her 30's. I've tried to be pleasant by trying to be involved in her life, but so far I only exist as a bargaining chip. She only does things with me in order to get something in return and then no one sees her for several months at a time. I'm closer to my younger brother because we've both been neglected by family on our birthdays. Despite this, I'm dead last.

I'm need to get this off my chest because my sister is coming over later. How convenient of her to skip over my birthday and neglect to keep in touch afterwards, but yet, she'll show up for my dad's birthday without a problem. I know exactly why she does it because if she didn't show up for his birthday, that means that she can't ask him for favors. It's a move of convenience for her and as long as she pretends to care, he's wrapped around her finger. I believe that I'm my dad's least favorite child because I call it as I see it. I have nothing to hide and won't hesitate to criticize him. I'm bad at being needy and I'm just stubborn. He probably finds it hard to persuade me and so he doesn't really bother with me. He does manipulate me and makes me out to be this immature and mean person and it's tiring.

After today I'm going back into shell and keeping to myself because my dad has no lick of sense whatsoever and I'm done playing games. I have other more important things to work on besides waiting on people who refuse to change. My sister can have him all to himself, it doesn't hurt me one bit. I just wish I had normal and understanding people in my life is all. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.


May 25, 2020
It is so hurtful for them not to visit you for your birthday. I wish you all the best with cutting them off the best you can.