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My Current Feelings



New member
Mar 31, 2015
Everything I believe is true. Everyone knows it, if not in the forefront of their mind, they know it be true in the back of their minds.

We're comfortable though. So we don't make a fuss about it, nor do we think about reality too often. Growing up is not enjoyable. Your golden years are your childhood, teenage years, and maybe your twenties.

Half of you are divorced, sexless, overweight, in debt, bored, you don't see you friends anymore. You don't really like your job. You accept your job. You have no time for your own hobbies because they are superseded by your responsibilities. You didn't grow up dreaming of being a white-collar corporate Biotch, working to make someone else rich. You work at the big tower, on the 20th floor. Great. The person who is REALLY living life isn't even the person working on the top floor, the CEO, its the person that OWNS the god damn skyscraper. Oh, but your benefits package and great 401k plan sure are attractive huh? LOL You lovely 4-door sedan, your mortgage, your overwhelming college debt, and your 2-weeks a year vacation are SO worth it, huh? LOL

There's a reason why the "instant gratification" industry is doing so well. Netflix, fast food, porn, etc. You have no time. You have no freedom. You don't see your friends, and let's face it. You've been with one person for several years. You're bored. Its ok, we don't have to lie just to protect each other's feelings. You work, you eat, you sleep, you do chores, you go to events that you don't GIVE A s*** ABOUT because....that's what people do in our culture at your age.

Any freedom, abilities, or luxuries you gain from adulthood are overridden by the responsibilities that come with it. When was the last time you hung out with your best friend? You can't, you're married. Or you/they moved away. Oh, but you make $85k a year. LOL

"It's all part of growing up".

You chose your path, and in doing so, forfeited the other paths you could have chosen. I'm angry about the opportunity cost of choosing my path. I'm angry with my perception of how adulthood will be.

My opinion is strengthened by the lack of love, laughing, time, and freedom I see in older adults. I can't help but adopt an arrogant tone. But....you know I'm right.

"Its all part of growing up".

pfff, **** off. You lost your friends and your interests are irrelevant now.

> And I'm supposed to have some endless fountain of motivation to finish college and take the next step in life. LOL Look at you...?? Why would I want that?

(I understand this can be offensive to some. Its just my thoughts. I'm trying to reach out. I respect successful people.)

"What are you goals in life" - LOL what? Um, have a billion dollars. Own an entire ******* city. Yea, that's the point where you'll be like..."no, no, something realistic".

Uh...ok, um, my goal in life is to....work at a desk and do paperwork for some company, spend 1/3 of my life sleeping, 1/3 of my life working, and the rest doing chores, eating, paying bills, taking care of children, and most importantly I only want to see my friends...oh, once a year maybe? You know, when our spouse and our job gives up permission to do so.

What a life. I can't wait. I'm going to do so well in college, I'm going to have so much anticipation and overflow with motivation to grow up and start the next chapter.


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Sep 29, 2013
Hi Droscoe and :welcome:

It's one of the great existential questions - why do we do what we do, where is our meaning in our lives? It is good to think about these things, and to examine your motives, especially before going to university, which is a stepping stone to a lot of life choices. First of all I'd say why spend eight hours a day doing paperwork that you hate? There are ways to find better, more worthwhile meaning in work. Some people chose to go into medicine and spend their lives fixing other people's bodies, and make that their calling and their meaning.

Or you could choose to become an artist. Yes that probably means sacrificing money for the sake of following your heart, but it can be a valid and rewarding choice if you choose not to value a high quality lifestyle. Of course you have to find a talent, whether it is musical or painterly or something else. You can make work out of these things, I have three friends who make their living as artists, designers, illustrators.

Once you have adressed work and made a choice there that you are happy with, you might also want to pay some attention to personal values. Finding a good way to leave the world of porn and creating a healthy, respectful relationship with a partner are key steps to creating a fulfilling family life, which in itself will motivate you instead of dragging you down. Making time for friends, family outings, fun events are all part of the package.

You seem to be in a kind of negative funk, but it's very possible to take the same pieces you seem to unhappy about and create a wonderful, glowing picture of a hopeful and rewarding future. Just be aware that any profession in which you make a lot of money comes with a price, and that chasing the money is going to demand some sacrifices from you. On the other hand, deciding to chase your happiness and leave the money for what it is can lead to a fulfilling, balanced life if you plan it well.


Mar 31, 2015
Life can be good if you focus on the simple things and on doing good to others.
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