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My Colleague Using Guess Work:



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Jul 6, 2014
Bugs me. but also somewhat concerning...........

running out of work because....

Working with a designer engineer that uses guess work throughout the design. This is potentially not going to end well. And there have already been numerous issues as a result. Bugs me that he lies about it too. And also about how much knowledge he actually has.... design issue, after design issue..... creating hold up after hold up, problem after problem.

Motors burning out because they have not been specked properly and are under rated for the job with the associated mechanical parameters have been guessed.
they run between half power and intervals of 40% higher than the rated capable capacity.

he's unaware of intricacies and lack of understanding of operational characteristics of the system. lots of lesser issues. yet he supposedly designed the system. yet seems to know only general info about it.... which is odd. how can you not now the intricacies of your own design?

parameters are temperamental because guess work has been used.

Optical device does not work properly. because of, yep. Guess work.

Software and setup don't work properly.

Project hold ups & lack of work because of numerous design issues.

New optical Led designed. Yep you guessed it guess work again....

Mechanics that are uneven and not level...

Not going to end well.

If I was asked honestly how much faith I had in the design to perform as required. from what I know. I had to say I'm very sceptical.

the clients could easily pull out and say. ''you know what, were not happy with the design we'll go else were''

There's a lot of money invested into this project. so .....:BLAH::scratcheshead:
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
This sounds like a very difficult situation for you to be in. You probably want to speak up more but feel like you can't ?? I would suggest you become assertive verbally in this situation but that's up to you to decide.