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My case history



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Apr 22, 2010
In 1972 when I was 17 years old, a friend introduced me to cannabis and LSD at school. I was in my lower 6th. I had a few bad trips and then in 1975 the voices started. I woke up one morning and the voices of the whole human race were pouring in through the windows and through the walls. I thought that everyone had always been telepathic and I had only just found out. I didn't tell anyone, I thought that they already knew, so I waited for them to tell me. I got very angry and resentful and became violent towards my family. I spent many an evening in a police cell. Well I carried on with the cannabis and the magic mushrooms until 1979 when I saw God 3-4 times. I was hospitalised several times and they gave me ECT. My parents were interviewed on Radio 4 and they did a programme about me behind my back, saying that I was a maniac. Well thats all water under the bridge now. I turned to the Bible in 1979 and then in 1985 I became a Bahá' .My family have finally forgiven me and I am battling on. I am sorry for what I did, but whats done's done. I have my own flat now and the Baha'i Faith is my vocation. I teach it to people whenever I can. I think that God forgives people who truly repent and only he can.
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Hi Jim, thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for some of your experiences and glad you have managed to find a purpose. :)