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My Brothers keeper


anne marie

New member
May 27, 2009
I am new to this forum which I just discovered tonight. My brother is 43 years old and 3 years ago Christmas Day announce to our Family and His that he was getting a divorce. (this was 2 weeks after our mother cancer diagnosis)

He has gone down hill ever since. In is divorce he was worried that we were all conspiring against him. Subsequently he would not listen to anyone not even the three lawyers that he hired. He ended up destitute living in his truck. He is unable to hold a job and is very antisocial, his anger is exploding and he has threatend to kill my father.

He was living in my parents yard for a time and was very abusive to them so my husband and myself purchased a home for him to live in. We were recently told by a couseller that we were enabling his behavoir. Today I went to see him as my mother was worried because he had not called her for 3 days. ( he is very abbusive when he calls her and she ends up crying but he is still her son) When I arrived I discovered that he had trashed his place and his things that we had purchased for him including his cell phone and for the first time I denied him cash for his gas and ciggs , I told him that he needed to get some help and that I could not enable him anymore. He denied that he needed help. Am I Wrong I feel so Guilty I don't know what to do any one .


Former member
Find your local Mental ealth team and contact them. Tell them what you have said on this forum, and see if they will visit.


Former member
Yes you might have to ring around some hospitals or social services to get him some help
Please don't feel guilty

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