My brother (19) doesn't eat, won't go out, doesn't study. Need help



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Jul 21, 2017
Hello everyone.
So my brother just turned 19, he's finishing high school next week. That means that he needs to go to college in a couple of months.
That's problem no.1.
He must study for his exams in order to get to college. But he doesn't. He's a good student, but he never studies, he's just one of those people that get by without much effort.
Also, he's 186cm (6.1 feet) tall, and only weighs 61kg (134 lbs). Now according to BMI, he's underweight. And I get how. In the morning he only drinks coffee, doesn't eat breakfast, he eats lunch poorly, then at 5pm he eats a ton of sugar crap, like chocolate, candy, anything he can get his hands on, cola etc.
He doesn't go out. He has his friend's group and they invite him to go out literally every weekend, they beg him most of the times, but he won't go.
There are also a lot of other little things, like his need to wash his hands constantly, change his bed sheets whenever anyone sits on them etc.
He also has problems with sleeping. He says that he can't go to bed earliler then 1-2pm.
If you've gone through the same thing, or knew someone that did, i would really like some advice on how to approach him, and help him. Thank you.


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Aug 1, 2014
I am also wondering whether if he wouldn't benefit from would though, by seeing a pshychartist, doesn't necessarily mean t hat he'll be sectioned, he'll just have the right help and assistance mental health performance wise problems, wise rather that he needs.

Also, I wonder somewhere, whether if he isn't suffering some form of anxiety, again, the pshychartrist can address this issue.

Sounds like, and after the weekend, he does need to be seen in the first instance, by your general doctor and seek a request for a mental health phsychartrist.

Also, a nutristionist or dietician might come in to play here, as and when, and get his dieting habits cleaned up, so that he is eating more h ealthily, I certainly do hope, along this route, he'll benefit from the extra help in terms of not eating properly.

I think it is ei ther some form of anxiety or depression.

I do wish you and also he well, eventually with these certainly worrying issues.
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