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My boyfriend has depression and i don't know what to do



New member
Apr 23, 2019
hi there,

my boyfriend has been suffering with slight suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety for the last year. it is getting worse and i don't know what to do. he says things like he cant do it anymore and everything would be better if he wasn't here and that he will just take some pills to help him sleep and hope he doesn't wake up but he has never made any direct threats about doing something. sometimes he will talk to me about it which is great but other times he ends up just shouting at me or getting angry and ends up trying to argue with me. i have tried to suggest going to speak to a doctor or get professional help but he thinks that is a waste of time and wont fix anything so he is set on not doing any of those at all. i give him space when he needs it and tell him i am always there for him no matter what and he can talk to me whenever he needs to about anything. but he is getting worse and it is really bringing me down and worrying me and effecting my life. i love him and never want to leave him. he has tried breaking up with me a few times but has always ended up saying sorry and that he doesn't mean it and that he was being silly and doesn't want to lose me but i am living in constant worry that he will break up with me. i want to be here to support him and help him but he doesn't want to get help but everything is getting worse and not better and i don't know what to do because everything i say is wrong or he blames me. i know he doesn't mean the things he says to me when hes having a bad time but i am really struggling and don't know what to do anymore. i should also mention that i am the only person he has ever told about how he is feeling and he doesn't want anyone else finding out and i've not to tell anyone so i feel like i have all this weight on my shoulders and i am struggling and have no idea what to do to try help him. Whenever i try say to him about getting help or just advise him i get told no and to stop telling him what to do but i'm not i am just saying maybe this could help and wouldn't it be worth it to try if it does help. please help me and advice me on what i should do because i feel like there i no way out of this.

thank you


Well-known member
Jul 11, 2018
Hi, if there is one thing I have learnt is, no matter how much you try you cant help someone who doesnt want to be helped.
I know its not good and i really wish i could write something to help but honestly i have nothing to say apart from what i wrote above and that you need to do what is right for you as well.
Be caring, but also dont let your own health/mental health suffer.
I hope things get better and there is someone on here who can give you some good advice.
Also if YOU need to talk, as you feel it is getting on top of you, then please dont hesitate to talk to anyone on here, you can even message me, i dont mind.