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my big sad NYE



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Oct 10, 2016
already feeling bad and lonely... my daughter leaves soon..

so will spend the next 24hrs on my own, this is choice..... I have been invited out i just don't make good company right now.

I have spent my last few quid of some bits to have tonight, I'll worry about the rest tomorrow.

never felt so alone and on my own, and i know i'm one of the lucky ones, I have a roof over my head (for now)

please stay safe, i hope your god brings you a better 2019.
Fairy Lucretia

Fairy Lucretia

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Apr 9, 2011
Magical fairy wonderland xxxx
i wasn't going to come on properly for a while ,but i just saw this and so i had to come on x
i want you to know you are one of my best friends and i care about you absolute loads

if you need me you know where i am
your friend
Lu x