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My BF just told me he hears voices. What can I do?



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Jun 15, 2009
My boyfriend and I have only been together for one month. He told me right off the bat that he has a few mental issues and is working them out with his therapist. I have always been ok with that and want to support him any way I can.

His problem is a combination of things, mostly PTSD. He had a very difficult childhood and this was only exasterbated by joining the army a few years ago. He was injured in Afghanistan and now suffers from PTSD from not only the war, but also his childhood.

He told me about the PTSD early on, but it was only recently that he told me he has been hearing voices since he was a teenager as well. Dealing with the PTSD has been extremely difficult for him. He is on an emotional roller coaster constantly. There is a lot of anger, and a lot of self doubt. These symptoms are typical of PTSD and I thought that he just had to go through this and deal with those emotions so he could move on.

Recently the problems started escalating. The anger has gotten worse and comes more often. These bouts of anger now seem like they are escalating into some sort of episode, I don't know what to call it. He sits with a blank stare and completely changes his tone of voice, and some of the things he say worry me. They range from speaking very lowly of himself to making unreasonable serious threats. Of course he's the sweetest guy on earth and I don't think he would hurt a fly.

His eyes glaze over, he doesn't blink, and he just stares into space. It was during one of these episodes that he told me he hears voices. I think when he is acting this way it means he's hearing them. He won't tell me what they say to him. I don't want to push too hard, since he just told me, but I know it's not nice things. they upset him. He is always down on himself and has extremely low self esteem.

I think the PTSD is making this extremely difficult for him, along with all the stresses of having a new relationship. I feel like if he can just deal with the PTSD part of it and come to terms with his past that it will become much easier for him, but right now he is really going through it.

What can I do to help him? I want him to feel supported, I love him and this doesn't change how I feel about him at all. Sometimes the things he says upset me deeply, but I know he does not mean them and it's not really him talking when that happens. It's hard for me to deal with, I don't know what to say to him, or how to respond when he's acting that way.

The episodes have only been really serious (where I was actually worried) twice, but the anger happens much more often. He has never been violent towards me at all, but has directed it at himself quite a bit. And the voices happen every day, he said they're worst in the morning.

Sometimes he talks under his breath, repeating words. Over our short relationship his emotional state is just a giant roller coaster. He used to cry all the time, then he started getting angry, now it's the episodes as well.

When he's out with his friends he's completely normal. It's only when we're alone that this starts to act up.

How should I respond to him when he's doing this? What can I do to help him through this rough spot? I don't want to baby him, but I want to be supportive at the same time.
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Hello kittycat and welcome to the forum

The best way to help your boyfriend is to try and help him to talk to a Doctor

I take medicine to stop ' voices'.
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