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my 15 year old son has just been diagnosed with cd



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Nov 16, 2008
Please halp my son has been diagnosed with conversion disorder.how can i help him ?
The symptoms started suddenly over a gradual time of 4 weeks and now are a several daily occurrence of dizziness and seizures which can last up to 30 minutes repeatedly and are so worrying as he has been rushed to casualty 4 timesd after falling down and hurting himself, i was also told that nothing was wrong with my son as he has nothing physically wrong with him and why was i bringing him to casualty. After the fourth time i refused to take him home because i was extremely worried as i did not know what was wrong with him. After hospital admission of over one week and being told he could have an ear infection then him having an mri scan that was clear and thinking my son had some sort of epilepsy i was finally given this diagnosis.
I have now been told to let my son get back to normal activities and carry on with his life and let him go back to school. I am however still extremely concerned about him, if he goes out if he will be safe,if he will be fine if left home alone,if he will be safe to walk to and from school and how he will be able to manage during school timeand how he will feel if it happens to him at school and in front of other children his age .
Please reply as i am very concerned about him and how i can help him as much as i can, and how we can help him get better as soon as possible. He has 4 other siblings at home and dopes get very hot tempered sometimes especially with his younger brother who shares a bedroom with him.he also is a conpulsive liar which has made it very hard to trust him. I do however still try to trust him and have a good relationship with him and try always to talk with him about many things in an open way. His school have said he is doing well and has no problems at school and himself he is happy about school i have been told to keep him calm if he does have this episodes where he collapses and shakes for which i do but i am still worried about him and if he will be able to cope with this and if he will get better.we are waiting for an appointment from a physcholigical unit. Please help.


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Jul 21, 2008
Hello Saki. I honestly don't know how to help you or your son.
I think letting your son lead as normal a life as possible is key. Educating yourself about conversion disorder wouldn't go amiss either.
Wishing you strength. Keep posting, it helps.:)

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Hello Saki and:welcome:
Have the doctors suggested NES...non epileptic seizures?
They mimic seizures but are not brain induced.
They are usually brought on by stress and can be a reaction to anxiety provoking situations.
If you go on sites about epilepsy you maybe could relate to the information.....Good Luck!

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Nov 29, 2008
Hello Saki

That must be so worrying for you. I'm a parent of now grown up sons too, so I can imagine how fraught I'd be.

Knowing what I know about the health service (in the UK - not sure where you are), I wouldn't automatically accept the 'conversion disorder' dx.

I've read up much of the research on CD and somatoform presentations and in the UK at least these labels are often the first line of choice for overstretched, under-resourced, ill-educated medics. It's what they tell you when they won't spend their limited budgets on more than a quick MRI. MRIs are thought of as 'gold standard' diagnostic tools. They have their limitations - which medics will fail to tell you about. Has your son had a 'walking' EEG (24HR EEG monitoring), for example to rule out epilepsy conclusively?

So, I wonder if you might consider an independent second opinion? Don't mention CD and see what a real expert has to say and what tests s/he orders. At least, this is what I think I'd be doing. My sons were great actors and, like most kids I suppose, great at dreaming up ways to get attention, but I'd have been really scared if they'd manifested what's happening to your son now.

Best wishes