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Music to help Anxiety periods?

  • Thread starter Alexander Ypsilantis
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Alexander Ypsilantis

Well-known member
Mar 3, 2020
Listening to this hymn always helps me when I'm going through an anxious period:



Well-known member
Dec 9, 2020
try out these on youtube:

snatam kaur
loreena mckennitt


Active member
Dec 10, 2020
I always liked bossa nova music to get through my rough periods. Tom Jobin and Marcos Valle being my personal favorites



Well-known member
Aug 1, 2014
I have always always vouched, that music in its many forms, change one emotions, powerful.

I have always listend to music for anxiety purposes, and other aspects of szchiophrenia problems.

I prefer orchestra based music, with solo singers, and I don't like anything hip hop, rap, pop, heavy metal. Exept in certain circumstances, I do like Steps pop group.


Nov 22, 2020
Listen to "Marconi Union - Weightless". Its made especially to help with anxiety! I listen to it every week and it really helps.
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