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munchausens by proxy?!



New member
Jun 1, 2010
I am extremely worried that my daughters fathers g-friend has the above condition? they have access with my daughter every other weekend which was done through the courts 3 years ago, my daughter is now 8. a seperate court case is going on with his g-friend and her x partner to see her son..sorry its confusing.. anyhow the courts have asked for a phyciatric report to be done on her child as the mother has mental health issues... anyhows..the report is back and they have recommended her x partner has residency of the child due to her inflicting un-necerssary mind games/ficticious illness/unrequired medication on him!! omg.. my daughter is there evry other weekend?! all communication with my ex is done through solicitors, am i right to be freaking out?! someone please help


i think your concerns for you child are very valid and you should be able to take steps to ensure your daughter is safe and with her father and not left alone with his gf if she is unstable.

im assuming now that you ex is a good dad and will be aware of how to deal with this or got some type of advice. its ashame its all done through solicitors.

good luck