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mum has a bunion



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Jun 25, 2013
so sad she works mon - fri every week standing on her feet and she is in agony :( she wont go to the doctors because apparently you cant do nothing about a bunion unless you pay a lot of money as its not covered on the nhs... i dont know how true that is... but im worried mum wont be able to walk soon and it breaks my heart and im scared... i know there is much worse things out there and im not seeking sympathy i just wanted to write this out because im scared she wont be able to walk soon and she is only 50.... her big toe has the bunion and its growing intowards her other toes... i know she needs a new job but she wont listen to me and her suffering is breaking my heart


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Oct 11, 2014
try and get her to see a doctor about it to make. it says on the nhs website you can do stuff to ease it that is not surgery. Bunion - Treatment - NHS Choices
and it says about surgery but it doesnt say you cant get it on the nhs so i assume you can in certain cases


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Jun 25, 2013
thanks so much Helena... good info on that site i read it out to mum


Jan 27, 2015
Bunions can be painful, specially when your big toe is swollen you'll have a hard time walking and standing. There are natural ways to treat bunions you can try massaging Olive oil around it 15 min a day or you can use Epsom Salt and ice pack! hope it helps!
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