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Multiple disorders, help please.



New member
May 24, 2019
I have Bipoler disorder, Tourette syndrome, Adhd anxiety disorder, Panic attacks, and Depression, and a whole list of helth problems. I have been on just about every bipolar drug there is, and none of them are helping. This has been going on for over 10 years. I had a docter tell me it's not a buffet, pick one and stay with it. I wish that Docter could live my life for one day, I bet he would change his outlook on his job. I have tried everything i've even tried smoking weed, because others told me it would help, it caused panic attacks. Can someone please help me?


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya and welcome to the forum. That sounds like a lot to live with and you must be exhausted with it all. Have no meds worked at all? That sounds so upsetting for you. I know bipolar being diagnosed myself with it and know that I had to go through a long process to find the "cocktail" which suited me. It took years of stress and long depressions and the pain that goes with that.

I wonder why your doctor said that to you? Do you stay on them long enough to see if they work for you? Or was he just at the end of his ideas to help you?

I don't know much about Tourettes but I know that it can be so distressing for some people. Have you ever been along to a self help group that can reach out to you? I saw a programme where people with it all got together and they said it was such a relief to be with people of their "own kind" and didn't have to be embarrassed or upset by it.

Do you have family who help you at all? I hope others will be along soon to reach out to you.


May 20, 2019
Hi! I understand where you're coming from, I too have had doctors say incredibly heartless and even unprofessional things to me, so I'm not surprised there. I've been diagnosed with a list of things too but I kept searching until I found a doc who seemed to care a little. I haven't found any medication that has had positive effects on me. My friends told me to try weed too and I got pretty hooked and smoking large amounts gave me panic attacks too! Maybe in tiny amounts or taking just CBD would be much better but THC and BPD/depression/anxiety can be a very bad mix... I've been going to cognitive behavioral therapy after finding a psychologist that I can get a long with and is relatable. A short walk or jog every morning helps calm me down and set things up for a better day. Any books you can find to educate yourself more on mental health can help too as I know it's exhausting going around finding a good doctor or waiting for different meds to kick in. Wishing you luck with this :)