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mr angry



New member
Oct 29, 2009
:mad:hi every-one,this is my first post ever on any forum,only taken twenty years so i dont expect a reply straight away,living in the good old UK,
Here is a quick run -down on my life story so far,its not going to take long so you dont have to get comfortable.
My age is forty- two, i joined the british army in 1984 and left in 1987 and have not been able to work since, married with a great wife and five good kids,do not go to the shops,talk to people,answer the phone or participate in any social events,,,,,,,,done.
Straight to the point, i used to want to change but now i really dont give a shit any-more, all i want is WHY? my kids want to know why i dont work and i want to tell them,but what to say.
I came across avoidance personality disorder the other day and think this is it, yet i have had to find out myself.Not once has this been mentioned to me from people i have seen, i do not function like others.
I have a horrible thought that if my Health Authority diagnose a personality disorder then they are obliged to treat me instead of just giving me diazapan, how bad do you have to be? maybe they have to put there resources for the young ones.
I used to want to work and have a career and a house but thats all gone for me, i can start to live with that but can society, i have never done anything illegal but i keep hearing mr angry wanting to blow every-one away.


Hi bluestone and :welcome: to the forum.

In my opinion age doesn't really come into the kind of treatment you receive unless you are a child or elderly because other things can be at play like hormones or dementia, protection, health etc.

You say you haven't worked since leaving the army. Can I ask what made you leave the army?

You also mention that you don't go out or talk to people, and you have posted in the anxiety forum, do I take it that you suffer with anxiety as well?

The emotions of anger and anxiety are very similar, they have very similar symptoms and one can often be mistaken for the other, your anger and anxiety might all be down to the same thing.

If you don't mind me asking is mr angry you, another name for you? Or a part of you? What role does mr angry play in your life?

Take care