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Moving on



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Dec 1, 2014
Things are getting better, especially for my brother. My brother had been addicted to alcohol a few months ago, he had been suffering from terrible pain, anxiety, depression and some other mental issues that we had never been imagined to happen. It came to the point that he nearly killed himself, but thank goodness I was there to stop him and calmed him down.

It has been hard for him and for us dealing with such problem, and I know having addiction is really a terrible thing to happen in a person and difficult to find your way out. But I'm glad that he's now in a good condition and still recovering from what he had experienced.

For now, he's been in a rehab, but we're planning to move him to another rehab center because we're going to move to another state. And I've searched in Google for a rehab that would suit my brother's needs with his condition I think I need more suggestions or any advice about moving from one rehab to another. And also for moving to another state, all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for reading my post.
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Jun 25, 2013
sorry i cant be of more help hopefully someone will know more than me xoxoxox

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