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moving on from friends, could do with some advice.



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Oct 5, 2014
Ok, so out of the blue, some old friends have asked me to get together with them some two years after speaking to me, and i dont understand it. I'm actually bugged they want to. I used to think I cared about being friends with them, but honestly I dont think I want anything to do with them.

I dated a mutual friend to some of them (who is described in another topic, lets just say she was saying she was bi to me, lesbian to them, and used our dates to go chase girls and act like we werent together. I called her out and instead of apologizing she threatened to kill herself and started spread **** about me). When I was mortified by the abuse of my trust:

- most of them turned their backs on me
- one of them told me I had to apologize to her for not being 'understanding' over why they abused my trust and when I was miserable stopped talking to me for 12 months.

They all know things went south between me and this person but when I was depressed, they werent there for me. The havent called me, texted me or invited me to anything for ages. I invited them to my last two birthdays and they all dropped me on the day after I booked meals out, so I was again, alone.

All of a sudden they want a 'nostalgia' meet up, which is probably going to be them all *****ing about each other like they did when I knew them as teenagers.

Is it worth me cutting all ties? I dont see how i can benefit from this


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Jan 27, 2015

Had a similar thing happen to me, I decided for the sake of my health not to bother meeting up with my friends, hadn't seen them for ages and felt I had moved on from them.
I also had a fear about them anyway, that they may trigger me to feel low.I was a different person to who they new ,after a melt down, they weren't the type I could tell about my MH Problems, I just new they wouldn't understand by things they had said in the past. So for me, I pondered over it for a little while, was tempted for a short while, then made my excuses not to go.
I guess only you know if this meet up will help or hinder you. I would only say consider yourself when making your decision. You are the important one !

I wish you well whatever you decide


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Oct 5, 2014
I'm honestly wanting to cut all of it down to a bare minimum of people, a lot of friends I had dont bring anything into my life except worries that they wll be b****ing about me or being judgemental of me over the disasterous split from my ex.

I also notice that really there are almost no people who speak to me at all, so I might just cut facebook down to a small amount of people i care about

is that wise?
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