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Moving/escaping to another country while on cto?



New member
Jun 1, 2018
Hello, I need advice. I've been on CTO for the last three years and I hated every minute of it.They claim that I have some sort of psychosis because I told them I see police and ambulance following me around EVERY SINGLE DAY I'm outside - which is true they do, (they even control my tv in the hostel I'm in like the channel they will change when I'm watching a programme, reminders for programmes I didn't set will appear and they would use conversations I had on the phone, off the phone and internet browsing history to select programmes that have that same theme on the freeview channels that aren't being used ( channel 695 and down) but are shown on screen - I've recorded it so I know what's occuring is real. I know that's from one of those spy agencies using satellite beause the hostel I'm staying in doesnt have internet so thw tv isn't connected to the internet and hasn't been hacked into via internet, it was bought in 2015 and is an earlier smartv, it.only has usb.plug which hasn't been used.) So if that's not proof I don't know what is. They monitor my internet activity/phone calls, they use instagram advertisement and explore page to send messages too. I just need for them to believe that I'm being harrased by someone. I'm sick of being injected with god knows what. I don't trust them and feel there is a.conspiracy against.me. I want to know if was to move to another country what will happen. I want to know if the cross border policy will apply to a country like portugal or somewhere in europe? I'm in the UK. whenever I plead my case to the doctors they say I don't have insight and go off past history to make decision applicable to current day or they think they know me better than I know myself and claim it's in their "proffesional opinion". I'm just fed up. Please advise?


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Mar 9, 2012
Tigger and Willow's house UK
Do you have evidance that its spy agencies and why would spy agencies be setting programmes on your telly for you to watch? :hug:


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Mar 15, 2019
Have you considered more logical explanations for what you are experiencing? If you are on a CTO it is for a reason and it will not be what you want to hear but I really feel you should engage with this, your mental health team and try to relieve your suffering ♡


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Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
It must be very tough for you having all these feelings. If 3 years have passed and you still live with the same terror maybe you can try something new, consider that there might be something different with your mind that make you feel this way and you need support to pass through these harsh moments. What kind of meds are you on now? Could you rely on some friends or relatives?
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