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Move to England for treatment



New member
Nov 22, 2019
Hello, my 34 year old son has been Sectioned and in a hospital PICU in NI for nearly 2 years continuously.He can be violent at times but does not meet the threshold to be treated at the specialist hospital. He is delusional constantly and alone most of the time in his room. Medication is the only treatment he gets as he will not co operate with the staff.
The team want him to go to a sectioned low secure unit in England run by a private company as they have told us that NI does not have a low secure unit for slightly violent sectioned patients that will provide rehabilitation for our son.
He has never been through the criminal justice process so is not considered for the specialist one.
Our son does not want to go to England and we do not want him to go but if it’s the only choice available, we will accept it.
My question is to the forum is , does NI have a unit that our son could be placed in for treatment?
Can we challenge the decision to send him to England and somehow get our Trust to create a low secure sectioned unit to meet his need?
The local care team have said that they would not be able to do this as it is not part of the NI strategy and even if they did agree to provide the required care, it would take more than a year to get it off the ground.
Our son needs the treatment now as he has deteriorated in his mental and physical health since his admission to hospital 2 years ago.
Any advice ?
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Well-known member
May 6, 2019
England is shit. But possibley better than NI?

The conservatives fkkdd the mental healthcare budget.

Maybe start anew in Liverpool?