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mother hears voices



Active member
Apr 27, 2010
Hello all,

My mother who is 60 and highly spiritual has been hearing voices about a year ago. She invited God to her life by writing in her journal following her reading of Divine Guidance and Conversations with God (books). Initially, she started hearing voices from a Hindu deity, but gradually the voices became negative and disrupted her sleep. Then, she said she hears also a good voice from a gentle God. But despite our continual prayers, the negative voices haven't stopped.

The negative voices accuse her, criticize her, and tell her that she and my brother will be harmed by this negative voice (deity). Sometimes the voice inflicts pain on her also. She is comforted somewhat by the good voice from the gentle God.

I'm not sure whether these voices are real or not. They seem very real to her.

Any suggestions on coping with this? My mother is very distrustful of docs. Are there any ministers/priests who help out in these cases? We don't attend any churches here.

Thank you very much!


Well-known member
Nov 30, 2008

I don't know where you are from, but it may help you
to realize that the pentecostal christians all hear voices,
and they all have very excellent coping technique. Just
might help you to see how normal she truly is, and how
normal her life can be. They stick to themselves, and
this is only to keep the spirit of "the world" out of their
lives and social circles. Keep in mind that most Pentecostals
do not wear makeup, hair dye, nail polish, & dress very

Your mom is 60, but how is her quality of life? Does she
get out now and then, and have a good social life? It is
quite normal for the abusive voices to vanish if she can
maintain good quality of life.

A or B, and this is a related book which may help:
The truth will set you free:

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